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Elev8 Dance Handbook

Whether it’s a fun bouncy ponytail for jazz class or a sleek ballet bun for ballet class, having the right hairstyle is essential for a safe, distraction-free dance class. Hair can quickly become the biggest distraction, playing with pigtails or brushing bangs and flyaway off the face. In dance, students are required to have their hair tied back and out of their faces. This allows you to see your teacher’s instructions and avoid collisions on the dance floor.

For jazz, tap, acrobatics and hip-hop, the hairstyle options include a ponytail, a braid, a ballet bun, a hair puff and cornrows. We ask students to have their hair in a bun for ballet classes. This traditional hairstyle helps create a sleek, professional appearance that is classic and elegant. Ballet buns also help to keep hair out of the face and accentuate the clean lines of the dancer’s posture.

Several short hair options will help keep your hair out of your eyes and eliminate distractions. A tied-back, half-up half-down will create a polished look for class, and a neutral headband can be used for trickier situations when hair elastics and pins won’t hold. For those with short hair, seek advice from your teacher on the best option.

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We understand that attending dance class takes effort, and are grateful for your dedication. That’s why we may request that you restyle your hair to ensure a distraction-free environment in the studio. Our priority is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and supportive atmosphere for our dancers and teachers. By taking care of small details such as hairstyle, we can all focus on what really matters: elevating our dance skills and having fun!

We know that brushing and tying your hair up in a ponytail or bun can be a hassle but trust us, it’s worth it. Not only does it create a polished and put-together appearance, but it shows respect for the art we practice and respect for the dance studio we are part of, and it also helps you to focus on your dance moves and get the most out of your class.

If you forget a hair tie, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Extra elastics and bobby pins are available in the studio.
We all know that having a well-packed dance bag is essential to ensure you are ready for anything during your dance class. Regarding hair accessories, the right tools can make all the difference!

But with so many options – hairpins, bobby pins, snap-clips, elastics, headbands, donuts, and hairnets – it can be tough to know which to use and when. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Hair Tie Elastics
Every dance bag needs some strong hair elastics. Your ponytail or ballet bun starts with a good hair elastic, and you never know when you will need another one or two… or three!

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are small and versatile, making them great for securing bangs and flyaways, creating a clean look.

Snap Clips
A snap clip is a stronger version of a bobby pin for flyaways and bangs. The advantage of a snap clip is its longevity. A snap clip will last all day.

All of our hair accessories are functional. A simple and neutral headband can be used as a last effort to secure bangs and flyaways.

Hairpins are a must-have for securing hair in a ballet bun. They are bigger and sturdier than bobby pins and have a curved shape that helps keep your hair in place.

The Hairnet
A ballet dancer’s secret weapon is the hairnet. A dance hairnet is stronger with more elastic than a regular hairnet. Securing a ballet bun with a hairnet helps to shape the bun and adds a polished professional touch.

Hairspray and Gel
A quick spritz of hairstyle or gel will manage flyaways and create a polished look. We practice our hairstyles all year to prepare for picture day and help us shine on stage.

An Essential Hair Kit can be purchased through the Student Portal.