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It’s Never Too Late to Start Dance Classes

Age Is Just A Number

It doesn’t matter if you’re 4, 14, or 74 years old dance is for everyone. Just like learning to read, swim or play guitar, the perfect time to start learning any new skill is now. Sure, some people start earlier, which means there is a great support system to help you find your footing and inspire you right from the start.

Benefits of Dance

Dance can change everything! The benefits of regular dance classes are countless and transformative. Dance helped me build friendships and discover my passion. Because of this, I am regularly astounded by my dancers throughout the year and looking back over the years, watching how from one year to the next.

Noticeable Benefits of Dance Classes:

  • Gain Confidence
  • Nurture Creativity
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Reduce Anxiety  
  • Build Community
  • Develop Coordination
  • Increase Flexibility

Elev8 Dance Classroom Skills

Elev8 Dance is an inclusive environment, welcoming new dancers of all ages. From the nervous little ones to the “too cool for school” teenagers and the anxious adult Elev8 Dance encourages dancers to find their creative voice and provides a safe space and an opportunity to meet new people. Our programs at Elev8 Dance focus on various Dance Class Skills to help our dancers flourish both in and out of the studio.

Skills Developed in Dance Class:

  • Responsibly – Practice following instructions and stay on task
  • Organization – Getting ready for class and making use of practice time 
  • Independent work – Effective use of practice time and creative discovery
  • Collaboration – Practice respectful learning and cooperation
  • Initiative – Learning responsibility and setting yourself up for success
  • Self-Regulation – Setting goals and finding the focus for success

What Are You Waiting For?

From 4 to 14 to 74 years old, there is a program for everyone at Elev8 Dance. Now is the perfect time to get started! Your next step is checking the schedule, registering online, or contacting the studio to arrange a trial.

Learn More About Elev8 Dance

Begin an experience to last a lifetime with Elev8 Dance. Discover how our dancers build confidence, creativity, and leadership in our engaging programs for children and adults.

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“My daughter cannot wait for her dance classes every week, making each class such a fun and enjoyable learning experience!”
Alyssa, via Google

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“Clearly in it for all the right reasons. They have created a fantastic community of dancers and parents!”
Shelly, via Google

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“Mr. Chris makes learning fun and he really cares about the kids he’s teaching. We love being a part of his inclusive community...”
Sarah, via Facebook