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Adult Dance Classes in Hamilton

Elev8 Dance is proud to offer adult dance classes in Hamilton, for both new and experienced dancers alike! 

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Fun, engaging and community-driven lessons, this season Elev8 Dance has three adult programs on the schedule. We want you to share an experience, have a laugh and enjoy some exercise, all while taking part in a class just for you. New students are welcome all year-round. Book Your Trial Class Today and check it out for yourself.

Adult Combo

Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop

The Adult Combo Class is for beginner and experienced adult students. We’ve taken the best parts of Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop and combined it all into one class to explore posture, graceful and explosive movements and getting down and funky. This is fun and silly and exciting. Laugh, learn and sweat.

Classes start at the ballet barre practicing our posture, range of motion, strength and balance. After the Ballet Barre, we enter the Jazz section setting out sights on the dance floor with dance struts, kicks and spins. Each class finishes off with a Hip Hop combination.

Learn more about Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop dance classes at Elev8 Dance.

Adult Tap

Adult Tap Beginner & Continuing

The Beginner and Continuing Adult Tap class is for our adult students looking to get moving. Tap is an amazing art that teaches us rhythm, musicality and movement. We learn terminology and practice fancy footwork. Tap dance is a wonderful low-impact exercise that helps students improve their coordination, memory and focus.

Adult Tap Experienced

The Experienced Adult Tap class is for our adult students ready for something a little more. Many of our Experienced Tap students have practiced a few years in the Beginner program and are ready for a new challenge. This is a great class for adults returning to tap dance after training in their youth.

Bring a water bottle. You’re going to need it!

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    “My daughter cannot wait for her dance classes every week, making each class such a fun and enjoyable learning experience!”
    Alyssa, via Google

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    “Clearly in it for all the right reasons. They have created a fantastic community of dancers and parents!”
    Shelly, via Google

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    “Mr. Chris makes learning fun and he really cares about the kids he’s teaching. We love being a part of his inclusive community...”
    Sarah, via Facebook