Before Your First Dance Class - Elev8 Dance

Before Your First Dance Class

Let’s get ready for your dance class!

Guide to Your First Dance Class

We are excited to have you start your dance journey with us at Elev8 Dance! We can’t wait to have you in class and help you achieve your goals! Here’s what you need to know to prepare for your first class:

Hamiltons Best Dance School for Children

Dress the Part

Elev8 Dance is a uniform school. For new students, the uniform is included. With your first class, your teacher can help you find the right sizes and have your items ready for you over the upcoming weeks. Until your teacher hands you your uniform, opt for something simple: black pants or shorts and a simple T-shirt long enough to be tucked in when needed. Take a moment to brush and tie your hair back and off your face. For adult classes, come dressed for some light exercise. Shoes worn outside are not worn inside.

Stay Healthy

If you’re feeling under the weather, take the time to rest and recover at home. For trial classes, let us know so we can assist you in rescheduling.

Plan to Arrive

Arrive 5-10 minutes early to your first class so we can properly welcome you, show you around the studio, introduce you to your teacher, and answer any questions. All shoes are removed at the front door’s main entrance. Slippers are available at the door or bring some indoor slippers to keep your toes warm on colder days.

182 Dundurn St S

At 182 Dundurn Street, South parking is available behind the building. Enter through the front door. Located one block from Soccer World.

623 Upper Wellington

Parking at 623 Upper Wellington St (across from 7-Eleven) is available onsite or along Brucedale St. Enter through the building’s side entrance. Find the red door on the top floor.

Hair for Grade 3 Ballet Class

Grade three and above ballet classes require a proper ballet bun. Resources are available online, and below is a quick video to help you learn how to make a simple and well-prepared ballet bun. A clean ballet bun will take a little practice to master.

Additional Resources

Contact Information

Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.
Mr. Chris

At Elev8 Dance, we strive to deliver the best experience possible, and we do that with teachers who love what they do and bring that to our students.

We deliver fun and engaging programs that introduce our students to dance and take them from kindergarten through high school, developing skills that extend far beyond the dance studio. That is why the Hamilton Spectator named Elev8 Dance Hamilton’s Best Dance School for Children and Activities for Adults.

Come and meet some other people, learn some new steps and share a smile.

Readers Choice Winner Best Dance School for Children

“Hamilton's Best Dance School for Children”

Hamilton Spectator Best Dance School for Children

World-Class Dance Lessons at Elev8 Dance

Our dance teachers work collaboratively to build a safe and caring environment for our students to learn, train and flourish. We take part in ongoing training to develop our skills as dance teachers and community leaders. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility of teaching our students to become outstanding dancers and valuable community members.

With years of experience across different age groups, our instructors use proven teaching techniques that consistently produce classroom results.

Why Choose Elev8 Dance?

One of a Kind Dance Instruction

  • Exceptional teachers
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Wide range of dance styles
  • Supportive and welcoming environment
  • Proven track record
  • Open to both recreational and academy dancers

Elev8 Dance has been named “Hamilton’s Best Dance Classes for Children,” “Hamilton’s Best Dance Teacher,” and an overall award of “Hamilton’s Best Dance School” (Hamilton Spectator). We take pride in providing top-quality dance education with fun and engaging dance classes in an environment that will help your child reach their full potential.

What to Wear for Dance Class

Elev8 Dance has a uniform in place, which helps to eliminate distractions, promotes a sense of community and makes getting ready for class easy. Only your teacher can set you up with the class uniform.

How Much Do Classes Cost

We provide affordable programs and free trials for students wanting to try it out for the first time. Contact us with the program and classes you are interested in for more information.

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“My daughter cannot wait for her dance classes every week, making each class such a fun and enjoyable learning experience!”
Alyssa, via Google

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“Clearly in it for all the right reasons. They have created a fantastic community of dancers and parents!”
Shelly, via Google

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“Mr. Chris makes learning fun and he really cares about the kids he’s teaching. We love being a part of his inclusive community...”
Sarah, via Facebook