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What to Wear for Dance

What are the Benefits of a Uniform?

We are Dressing for Success

“Dress for the job you want!” When a student walks into the studio with their dance uniform on and their hair pulled back, it instills in them that they are not just taking a dance class but also a dancer.

Creates a Team

A uniform gives the dancers something they all have in common and builds a positive sense of community. Wearing the same colours as the dancers beside you help to build camaraderie. Our community wants to build friendships and celebrate each other’s success. We are all in this together.

Promotes a Safe Environment

Dance is fun, often fast, and we don’t always see where we are landing. Having correctly fitted clothing and hair pulled off the face helps to eliminate the risk of unnecessary slips and falls. The uniform also allows your teacher to check for proper body placement to perform tricks safely.

The student uniform is in transition. The below uniform is required for new dancers. Current dancers have the opportunity to transition. The uniform is only available in-house.

For All Dancers

For safety:

For culture and community:

Dance UnderTights

Combo Classes

Academy Classes (Non-Combo Classes)



Hip Hop

Male Students



Non-Binary Students



Adult Dancers