Recital Info - Elev8 Dance

Recital Info

Where: June 18th, 2022 • 10am to 2pm

Where: Zoetic Theatre, 526 Concession St. Hamilton

Popcorn, sweets, refreshments and drinks are available for purchase from the theatre before each show begins. Bring cash.


Photos and Stage Hair and Make-Up

Recital Schedule for the Day

1st Steps Students

1st Steps classes have been assigned to either the first or second show. Mini, Junior and Intermediate students will participate in both performances.

Show Tickets

$15 per ticket

Each family will have 4 show tickets available for them for the month of April, after which tickets are available without restriction. Performers do not need tickets.

Snack Time

Pack a big t-shirt or similar to cover costumes during snack time between shows.

Theatre approved snacks for snack time:

Assume whatever you pack will be rubbed or spilled on someones costume.

Please do not bring:

Summer and Fall Registration

Don’t forget to secure your spot for this summer and fall dance classes.

Have a great show!