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Dance Styles at Elev8 Dance

Mr. Chris stretching in a yoga class

Stretch and Strength Classes in Hamilton

We are very excited to offer Elev8 Zen, a one-on-one or group stretch and strength program inspired by yoga, ballet, pilates, modern dance and tai chi designed for all levels. We seamlessly unite dance, yoga and stretch techniques to build strength, improve balance, increase mobility and flexibility. Breath is a core focus of every Elev8 Zen class leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. All levels are welcome at Elev8 Zen.

Wedding dance from Elev8 Dance

Ballroom Dance Lessons in Hamilton

Have you ever wanted to learn to dance? Elev8 Dance offers several packages for singles, couples and groups to have the learn a variety of ballroom dance styles.

Learn some traditional ballroom dances including Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Jive, Samba, Mambo, Bolero, Paso Doble, Lindy Hop and many more.

Adult dancers on stage

Adult Dance Classes in Hamilton

Elev8 Dance Inc is proud to offer adult dance classes in Hamilton, for both new and experienced dancers alike! 

Fun, engaging and community-driven lessons in Ballet, Hip Hop Jazz and Tap for our adult dancers. We want people to share an experience, have a laugh and enjoy some exercise, all while taking part in a class designed just for them. Come try a class with us at Elev8 Dance Inc. Available as Drop-In Classes or Monthly Pass.

Teen Dance Classes

Musical Theatre Classes in Hamilton

Musical Theatre is a fun combination of acting and dancing. In this class, dancers learn classic and contemporary songs from various musicals such as The Little Mermaid, Wicked, The Lion King, Annie, Cats, Hairspray and many more. This Musical Theatre program is designed to help dancers become well-rounded by improving overall stage presence, character and style.

Acrobat in a handstand

Acrobatics Dance Classes in Hamilton

Acrobatics is the combination of gymnastics with ballet and jazz. We develop splits, handstands, somersaults, cartwheels, bridges, walkovers, aerials, handsprings and more. Acrobatics starts with building strength, flexibility and body awareness. Safety is always first in every acrobatics class. Ballet and jazz will help the acrobat with the technique and dance steps to put it all together.

Jazz dancers in pink fringe costumes

Jazz Dance Classes in Hamilton

Jazz dance encompasses a diverse range of dance styles (contemporary, lyrical) combined to create a fantastic collaboration of skills. Jazz is more sharp and crisp and is often accompanied by music you hear on a pop radio station. Jazz can be very specific in its style or free and wild, but ultimately, it is always entertaining. Big jumps, high kicks and a lot of pirouettes (spins) are often a signature of jazz dance. A well-trained jazz dancer, with a solid ballet foundation, will shine in contemporary, modern, hip hop and many other styles of dance.

Adorable dancers in blue costumes

Tap Dance Classes in Hamilton

Tap dance is very distinct due to special shoes with metal “taps” on the ball and heel of the foot. The taps allow the dancer to act as an instrument. Creating sound when they dance and strike different parts of their feet on the ground. We don’t just focus on the sound but an overall performance for the stage and that is what sets our dancers apart. We learn the skills to execute those incredible sounds. As well as the ability to carry ourselves with confidence and poise. Tap dancers at Elev8 Dance develop a heightened sense of rhythm and timing.

Hip hop dancers in green costumes

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Hamilton

Hip Hop is an evolution of dance suitable for everybody. Fun and energetic, the mainstream new styles and skills learned in the dance studio can be showcased out of the studio and this is what makes our Hip Hop so accessible. We provide an appropriate and safe environment for all of our dancers to explore their inner bebopper or diva. The crossover training between ballet, jazz and hip hop makes our dancers unstoppable.

Adorable ballerinas in pink tutus

Ballet Dance Classes in Hamilton

Ballet is a refined art danced by dedicated athletes. 600 years old, ballet is defined through its poise, grace, power, control and speed. Although graceful and remarkably beautiful on the surface, we teach our dancers to develop strength, power, balance, agility, flexibility and muscular control. Pointed toes and stretched knees are where it all starts. The skills of a well-trained ballet dancer build an exceptional foundation to excel at all other styles of dance.