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Elev8 Dance Hamilton's Best Dance School for Children

Elev8 Dance is a Dance Studio in Hamilton Ontario Offering Dance Classes for Children and Adults

623 Upper Wellington Street, Hamilton Ontario
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    Dance Programs at Elev8 Dance

    Ballerinas in blue tutus

    First Steps Combo Class

    4 and 5 Years Old

    This is where it all begins. Younger dancers enter the dance studio for the first time in our 1st Steps Combo Class of Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz. The energy in our dance school is palpable and as with all of our programs, safety and fun are at the core of our 1st Steps dance lessons.

    Jazz dancers in sparkling costumes

    Mini Kids Class

    6 and 7 Years Old

    Our Mini dancers develop their passion for movement with Mini Ballet, Mini Tap, Mini Acrobatics, Mini Jazz and Hip Hop classes. This is the time dancers develop their individuality.

    Acrobatics dancers in fun costumes

    Junior Dance Programs

    8 to 10 Years Old

    From foundation to building the confidence to dance centre stage. Junior dancers discover newfound talent and develop skills that transform them into life-long lovers of dance. In Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop and Jazz we focus on technique and developing personal style on the dance floor and confidence within ourselves. Whether students have danced before or are trying it for the first time, they will find a home with us here at Elev8 Dance studio.

    Teenage ballerinas in pink costumes

    Intermediate Dance Programs

    11 to 13 Years Old

    Enjoyment and enthusiasm are at the heart of the Intermediate Dance program. Dancer’s styles continue to shine through as they hone their skills and refine their dance techniques through performance in Intermediate Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, and Jazz. Both new and experienced dancers are always welcome at all levels.

    Hip hop dancers in sequin hoodies

    Senior Dance Programs

    14+ Years Old

    Senior dancers become masters of movement and are important leaders at Elev8 Dance. Our Senior dancers embody the passion and commitment expected of today’s dance community. Students continue to develop their technique in Senior Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, and Jazz and strive to meet success and develop skills that will stick with them beyond their time at Elev8 Dance.

    Adult tap dancers on stage

    Adult Dance Programs

    If you are 18 or older and looking to get moving again or maybe for the first time, the Elev8 Dance school currently offers Adult Ballet, Adult Hip Hop Jazz, and Adult Tap dance lessons for our adults to dance center stage. Don’t just talk about it. Jump in and Elev8 Yourself! Make this the year that you kept at it or got back into it. A fun and engaging way to get in some exercise, be social and learn or refine a skill. Adult drop-in dance classes available.

    Acrobat in a handstand

    Private Dance Lessons

    Whether you’re a beginner who is just starting or a seasoned dancer looking for more challenging coaching we offer programs to keep you engaged and develop your skills. Private dance lessons are offered in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, HipHop, Acrobatics, Ballroom dances, yoga flow, and meditation.

    Dancing at a wedding

    Special Day Dance Lessons

    Named by the Hamilton Spectator as the Best Place in Hamilton for Wedding Dance Lessons, our private lessons are here to prepare you for your time in the spotlight for your many different occasions. Our Special Day Dance Lessons are designed for two people or small groups. We specialise in wedding dances, quinceaneras or even just a date night activity. We breakdown your dance, teaching you basic steps and spins so you are comfortable on the floor. Let us help you make that special day memorable for all the right reasons.

    Elev8 Dance

    Readers Choice Winner Hamilton's Best Dance School for Children

    Hamilton's Best Dance School for Children

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