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Elev8 Dance ensures you are fully equipped and ready to dance your heart out in class. We have got you covered, from premium leotards to performance-enhancing dance undertights to skirts, dresses, shorts and ballet shoes!

Unleash your inner performer with the convenience and comfort of Dance Undertights! Dance undertights is an undergarment that provides a seamless look under your leotard, eliminates the need for socks, and keeps you comfortable all year round – warm in winter and cool in summer.

As Elev8 Dance transitions to our in-house uniform as the staple, we strive to provide top-quality and affordable products. Wearing the correct uniform is essential in helping you prepare and fully engage in your dance classes. It promotes a sense of community and an appreciation for the art of dance and creates a safe learning environment for everyone.

To ensure you are fully equipped for your dance class, please look at our online Uniform Guide. The guide has all the information you need to know about your uniform. Whether in 1st Steps, Mini, Junior, Intermediate or Adult programs, our Uniform Guide will provide you with the essentials for maximizing your potential in dance.